Gail Ruth’s Articles on Following Jesus

I update and rewrite these articles from time to time. I note major updates in the recent changes timeline, and put the date of the last edit at the bottom of the article.

Rediscovering A Lost Language for a Relaxed, Heart Relationship with God
Might rediscovering this lost language help us grow closer to God?

Prayer Basics

Praying in the Name of Jesus
What does it mean to pray in the Name of Jesus?
When I received revelation to my heart on this, immediately my prayers became vastly more simple, effective, and powerful. And it has continued so to this day.

3-Part Series on Psalm 36:7-8: The Loving Kindness of God

Part 1: Putting Our Trust Under the Shadow of God’s Wings
What is this place under the shadow of God’s wings?
And what does it mean to put our trust there?

Part 2: Drinking from the River of God’s Pleasures & Delights
What are some of the pleasures of God?
And how do we drink of His pleasures?

Part 3: A God of Pleasures Pleasuring Over Us
What does it mean for us to have a God of pleasures?
And how does God pleasure over us?
This is my favorite article!