the Efficiency poem

Some people were created by God to be happily and productively efficient. God bless them! And, oh my! they can be useful people to have around. I’ve known some who are also highly creative, and I’ve noticed that they can be as productive in their creativity as they are in everything else they set their hands to.

But for the rest of us, it’s best that creativity and efficiency never meet. Hence this poem…

the Efficiency poem

the Efficiency poem
by Gail Ruth

for some of us humans
           the most terrifying notion on earth
                      is Efficiency
                                Chop chop!
                                 Just do it!
                                 Snap to it now!

while other frightening prospects 
           such as sorrow and suffering 
                      might form
                                 jewels of
                                 and compassion
           Efficiency is heartless, quenching
                       ebb and flow, void
                                 of creativity 
                                 of color
                                 of beautiful human flaw

when the Product is the focus
           and the producer is a Means
                      to an End that is
                                 For the Common Good
                                 and of course
                                 Fiscally Profitable
           our hearts cower and quake
                      our gentleness
                                 goes into hiding
                                 and we are hostage
                                 and oppressed

and when Efficiency spots 
           our unique gifts and creativities
                      it pounces
                                 and demands
                                 that we devise 
                                 A Plan for Production
           and what gets squeezed
                      out of us are
                                 poor pathetic creations
                                 stress-induced pathologies
                                 and defective reasonings

ah, but the Friends of Efficiency
           are quite pleased with our sad little
                      Clone Creations
                                 so Efficient 
                                 so Productive
                                 so Marketable!
           and pat us sympathetically
                      for our (needlessly)
                                 and neuroticsms

but no! we might change the world
           if we guard our dreams with strong
                      fences of delight
                                 and therein
                                 playfully explore 
                                 our uncharted wonders

© 2008 - 2021 Gail Ruth. All rights reserved.