God Is Good

Questions from God’s heart to those who love Him…

If the natural and spiritual world systems are bigger and more complex than you can comprehend,
And if therefore you know that you can grasp only a small piece of reality,
And if I know all and grasp all – all that is beyond you and your understanding,
And if you know Me to be tender & compassionate & fun & wonderful & holy,
Then, if I seem to you sometimes as cruel or harsh in some way,
Does that mean that I am cruel and harsh?
Or might it mean that you do not know the rest of the story?
Will you give up Unbelief, my dear one?

Will you accept the gift of not needing to define or understand?
You know that you will be in a world and a church with those who try to understand, and that some of these may not know my heart, and some may describe Me harshly or define My ways more clearly than they have understanding.
Will you let those people be and just walk with Me?
For safety is not found in ideas or self-protection;
it is found in Me.

Will you abandon yourself to Me, even to the parts of Me that you cannot comprehend and that are beyond your grasp – to the vastness and completeness of Me?
Will you be willing to not label Me harsh, even if you do not understand?
Will you receive All of Me, even the parts that confuse you, and call Me good?

For All of Me is good.
And all of Me loves you.